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Maximize your Growth

Tru Power Data’s systematic features will help you track, route and manage
your data to ensure that your company is maximizing all potential revenue.

Reject Flow

Tru Power Data’s system allows you to set up an automated reject flow. Any lead that is rejected by a client has the capabilities to be sent to multiple destinations until it is accepted. Automate your reject flow by zip code, state and/or client. We offer limitless opportunities to help maximize every lead you generate.

Data Routing

Tru Power Data will allow you to route or reroute a lead at any time. Do you want to pull all aged data and route them to a new or existing client? Do you have a client looking for specific data? Our in depth filtration process allows you to access your data warehouse, filter as pleased and send to any client in the click of a button.

Ad Spend Integrations

After the last IOS update, ad tracking has been a struggle. Our highly targeted ad spend integration features allows you to get pin point accurate data from all of your spending campaigns from all platforms. In real time you’ll know exactly what campaigns are performing the best and will be able to optimize those campaigns for MAXIMUM profits.

Tracking KPI’S Made Easy

Data Performance

Tru Power Data’s array of tracking features allows you to track data easier than ever before. Learn how your data is performing and why your leads are getting rejected. With real time disposition report integration capabilities, you can now track your LTA ratio, APPT set ratio and much more.

Disposition Reporting

With a simple API integration you can have all of your clients sending weekly, daily or monthly disposition reports right to Tru Power Data. Game changing ability to be able to see exactly where you stand with your clients in real time at all times.

Affiliate / Employee Performance

Track your new or current affiliates/employees performance by dates ranges, campaigns or lead count. Allow them access to only these numbers and show them exactly how they are performing. Where they need to work more efficiently, what is currently working well and their progress over time.

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Power Cert

NEW innovative way for you to get documentation of consent. The Power Cert gives you proof that your leads acted to be called upon by you or your client partners. The best way to avoid any litigation issues.

Lead Distribution

Ping Post

With Tru Power Data you can buy/sell any lead using a ping post system. Direct API integration from your clients allows for a seamless process. Whether that is creating your own ping tree or using our preferred partners platforms. Ping Post is made easy.

Direct Post

Tru Power Data offers direct posting capabilities. If you send leads directly to your clients, we offer a very simplistic approach. Integrate your clients posting instructions into Tru Power Data and start sending them leads immediately! 

Full Service CRM

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